Chestnut Blouse with Summer Thread – Crochet recipe

Do you like to crochet? With crochet it is possible to make several beautiful things to use, gift and even sell, don’t waste time and check out our recipes. Here you will learn how to crochet a beautiful and charming Chestnut Blouse, using summer thread. Keep reading and check out the recipe.

What do I need?

– 2 Summer Lines in color 3581 (Pepper/ 150g);
– One circle crochet hook number 3.5 mm;
– Vegetal paper;
– 1 pencil;
– 1 Scissors;
– 1 tape measure.

Sample: A 10 cm square in double crochets, on needle size 3.0 mm = 20 stitches x 8 row.

Piece Size: 38


Transfer the templates to tracing paper and use them as a reference for a better execution of the piece. Note the arrows on the measurement diagram indicating the direction of work.


(1st Part): Start the piece by the bar working back and front at once. Use the yarn Verão in Chestnut color and crochet hook size 3.0 mm, start the piece with a 140 chain cord, 1 slip stitch to close the bow. On this arc, work in pattern (A) following diagram 1, from (1st to 24th row) in circular rows.

(Part 2): Now work front and back separately on rounds back and forth following diagram 1 from (25th to 39th round). Assembly of the shoulders: Switch to tapestry needles, sew the shoulders together (8 cm), leaving the armholes with openings (15 cm).

Finishing around the piece: Go back to crochet hook number 3.0 mm and work around the neckline, armhole and hem in pattern (B) following diagram 2 and the repeat stitches in circular rows. In the neckline work from (1st to 4th row), in the hem and around the armhole work following the (1st and 2nd row). Lining suggestion for single tank top in the color of the piece.

Did you like the recipe? Hope so! This and other recipes are very good for personal use and for sale. We have recipes for clothes, bags, rugs, objects and many others, visit our website and check it out!


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