Creative handmade Christmas gift – Gift box.

Christmas is coming, and on this commemorative date it is customary to receive gifts and give gifts to loved ones. With this custom of giving gifts, we always seek to present those we love in a creative way and with love so that the person comes to love the present.

Creativity when preparing a gift is essential, because with it we can make a simple gift even more incredible. To help you make a creative gift, we’ve brought you some ideas that can be of great help, and make your gift even more beautiful and special.

To make a creative gift you don’t need a lot of things, many of them you may already have at home, or if not, they are found in stationery stores. Keep reading and check it out:

Surprise box

For this gift, all you need is a box of the desired size (look for a box that will fit the gift inside and still have space for decoration and pampering).

Have the box in hand decorate it the way you want. You can cover the box with white paper, with contact paper in the color you like, or with another material that covers the bottom of the box, (If you don’t want to cover it, it’s up to you). After coating the box, decorate it the way you want.

  • Paint: If you coated it with paper, you can paint the box with gouache paint or any other paint that works. (If you have placed contact paper or another type of coating that already has a print or color, you don’t need to, only if you want to);
  • Figures: Figures are also a great way to decorate something. You can buy them in decorative items stores, in stationery stores, or you can search the internet yourself and have your favorite prints printed. (Use or not the figures is up to your preference);
  • Photos: Photos with the people you love are very special forms of memories. In the contents of the gift box you can put photos of special moments with the person for whom the gift is intended, I’m sure she will love the gift and keep the photos with affection;


Then just put treats that you know the person you’re going to receive the gift from will like. Treats can be simple things like chocolate, sweets, small souvenirs and photos as mentioned above, these things even though they are small and simple, when put together they form a beautiful gift.

Handmade gifts are special because they are made with love and dedication. I’m sure whoever receives your gift will love it.

Like the idea? Hope so! For more creative tips and ideas check out our website.


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