Crochet for beginners – Part 1

Crochet is a traditional art that is very common among families, usually passed on by grandmothers and mothers. It tends to be a technique passed down from generation to generation. The art of crochet is one of the best crafts to learn.

There are some important tips that everyone needs to know when learning how to crochet, as they help you to make even more beautiful and elaborate pieces.

Aiming at the importance of giving important tips about crochet, and what first steps are necessary to start in this art, we made a basic crochet guide with things that every beginner needs to know when entering this universe, and start making beautiful pieces to decorate the whole home and make it even more beautiful.

Check it out and get your needles ready! To start crochet work, the basic materials you will need to have on hand are thread and a needle, but other items such as scissors and a measuring tape will also help you get started. Check more details:

Needle: A variety of needle sizes are found, from the thinnest to the thickest. To begin with, choose a thinner one, as it is easier to work with.

Thread: Always use a thread with the right thickness according to the needle you will be working with. Use the color of your choice.

Scissors: To finish off the lines, scissors are essential, so always have good scissors on hand to help you.

Measuring tape: Even counting the stitches and doing everything according to the recipe, it is possible that your crochet work will start to look different.

In this case, a tape measure is needed to measure the work. All of the materials mentioned above have affordable prices and can be purchased at craft and trim stores.

Crochet tips for beginners

If you’ve never practiced crochet, or never seen anything about it, starting this area can be difficult for you. But learning this art is possible using some techniques.

What are charts and recipes?

For you to better understand the art of crochet, you need to understand that a chart is not the same as a recipe. A chart tells details like the size and dimension of each project that will be crocheted, making use of stitch symbols.

The recipe says exactly the stitches that will be used in the piece during your work, describing the graphic in writing. Now that you know a little more about the crochet basics, and understand what the charts and recipes are for, you’re ready to take the second step and get your hands dirty.

Check out the second part of Crochet For Beginners that will soon be posted on our vlog.


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