Crochet for beginners- Part 3

From kitchen and bathroom rugs to handbags and bikinis, crochet is in many homes and even in fashion. There are several pieces made in this technique that may seem difficult to make for those who don’t know much about crochet.

With determination, practice and the right tips, everything gets easier! With that in mind, we’ve put together a basic crochet tutorial for beginners with parts 1 and 2 in our vlog, and as promised, here’s part 3. Read on to learn more about crochet for beginners.

Tutorials 1 and 2 teach a lot about crochet for beginners, but you still have some very important things to learn, so read on and check them out. You can not lose! The more crochet stitches you master, the prettier your pieces will be.

Therefore, when learning how to crochet for beginners step by step, you must know and practice all the crochet patterns for beginners and become an expert in your field. In the second crochet tutorial for beginners, you saw some basic stitches, but there are still some important and useful shortcuts that you need to learn.

What are increases and decreases?

Another detail you should pay attention to when it comes to crochet patterns for beginners is the increase or decrease needed to achieve the ideal piece size.

Let’s explain it better: if you made 6 stitches in a row and need to make 12 on the next row (to increase the work), then you need to make an increase. It’s very easy, instead of overlapping the stitches on the next row, make two stitches in the same main stitch.

This way your piece will grow to the right size. Decrease, as the name suggests, is the opposite of increase. Instead of adding a loop to the next row, remove it to shorten the crochet. Now that you know the basics of crochet for beginners, you can make simple crochet patterns. Follow!

Simple crochet rug for beginners

Let’s start with a simple crochet rug for beginners. The finished model can decorate the kitchen, bathroom or even the bedroom door. Beautiful crochet rugs should only use rows or single crochets and mix colors to bring the piece to life!



Knowing what each acronym in crochet means and how the basic stitches are made makes your mind clearer on how things work in the world of crochet. Stay tuned to our vlog so you don’t miss part four.


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