Crochet Purple Citrus Blouse with Anne Thread – Recipe

Piece Size: 38;

Sample: A 10 cm square in pattern (B), on a 1.75 mm needle = 27 stitches x 8 rows.

Material used

  • 2 Anne skeins in Color 6567 (Citric Purple);
  • Crochet hook Circle 1.75 mm;
  • 1 Maxxi Retro Circle in Color 448 (orchid);
  • Mesh fabric for the lining;
  • Vegetal paper;
  • Pencil;
  • Scissors;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Sewing machine.


Transfer the molds to tracing paper, using it as a reference in the execution of the piece. Note the arrows on the measurement diagram indicating the direction of work.

Blouse: Work the back and front at once in circular rows starting from the hem. Use a crochet hook size 1.75 mm and Anne thread in citrus purple, work a string of 256 chains, 1 slip stitch to close the bow.

On this cord work the pattern (A -1st step) follow the diagram 1 and the repeat point of (1st to 13th row). When making the 12th row, decrease 16 stitches alternating, total of 240 stitches. Continue with pattern (2nd step – 10 motifs) follow diagram 1 and repeat stitch from (14th to 29th row).

Fold the piece in half, defining the back and front. Work front and back separately in back and forth rows following the pattern (B) and the repeat stitches on (1st to 18th row). When making the 18th row, join the shoulders (12 cm) with a slip stitch, finish the thread and reserve the piece.

Sleeve: Use a 1.75 mm crochet hook and Anne yarn in citrus purple, work a cord of 106 chains, 1 slip stitch to close the bow. On this cord work in the pattern (1st step) follow the diagram 3 and the repeat stitch of (1st to 5th row).

When making the 5th row, decrease 10 stitches alternating, total of 96 stitches. Continue with the pattern (2nd step – 4 motifs) follow diagram 3 and repeat the stitch from (6th to 22nd row), finish off the thread. Switch to the tapestry needle and pin the sleeve around the armhole. Do the same for the other sleeve.

Suggested skirt lining: modeled on the crochet piece, attached around the neckline on the sewing machine using Maxxi retro thread in orchid color.


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