Hemmed with colorful little owls on the bath towel and single sheet with anchor Mouliné Line

With knitting and other forms of sewing we can produce several things, and among them are clothes, sheaths, dish towel bars, among others. Keep reading and learn how to make a hem with colorful little owls to put on bath towels and single sheets, I’m sure it will look beautiful.

What do I need?

  • Color and quantity of Mouliné Anchor Wire (8m braided wire) according to the signal key table;
  • Milward Current Tapestry needle #24;
  • Chain sutures.;
  • Current Darning Needle No. 9 Myhrvold.;
  • Pink and white English embroidery 5 cm wide;
  • White Passafita 1 cm wide;
  • Water green ribbon 0.5 cm wide;
  • White towels in 70 cm x 140 cm and 50 cm x 80 cm;
  • White cotton in 165 cm x 265 cm and 50 cm x 70 cm (two pieces);
  • Étamine Estilotex in white in sizes 23cm x 75cm, 23cm x 55cm, 23cm x 50cm and 23cm x 165cm;

Way of doing

Center the fabric and start embroidering, follow the color assignment table and color and stitch key; Allocation of incentives based on scenarios; Each square at the bottom of the chart represents 1 cross stitch sewn onto a 1×1 piece of fabric;

How to assemble

Bath game

  • Prepare English embroidery on the bottom of the towel;
  • Attach the ribbon at the bottom and top of the etamine and make English embroidery overlapping as shown in the figure. Do the same with the washcloth.

Part of sheet

  • Make a 1 cm border around the fabric;
  • Attach the Harsi English Embroidery to the bottom of the fabric and tape the English Embroidery and finish the top and bottom with ribbon guides to form a loop;
  • Remove the basting.

Pillowcase part

  • Apply the embroidered strip to the side of the fabric designated for the front of the pillowcase and to the top and bottom of the étamine and finish with the tape guide. On the side, nail the English embroidery;
  • On the side and inner part of the back make a 1 cm hem;
  • Connect the pieces by overlapping them from right to right;
  • Turn right;
  • After completing the work, clean the parts with a damp cloth;

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