How to have a beautiful Christmas tree

Christmas is a very important commemorative date, isn’t it? To celebrate this special date in style, it’s important that you know the right way to decorate your home. To help you with that we brought some tips and ideas for Christmas decorations.

With simple things you can make beautiful ornaments to make your Christmas more beautiful and fun. You can use Eva, paper, paint, templates, collage, ribbons, thread and among other materials that are easily found in school supply stores and grocery stores.

We brought here some ornament molds that you can print and decorate to put in your home decor for Christmas. The best thing is that you can do it your way. If you prefer something more ornate you can make several, paint and put sparkles, but if you prefer something simpler make some and paint them and it will look beautiful.

There are several things that symbolize Christmas that you can do to add to your home’s Christmas decor. Some examples:


The Christmas star has great symbology, because at the birth of Jesus it was a star that guided the three wise men to the birthplace (Bethlehem) of the baby Jesus.

The star also symbolizes the reason for Jesus’ coming to earth, because he was born to guide humanity. Even today, science is looking for ways to explain the origin of the star as an astronomical phenomenon.


The bells symbolize the announcement of the king’s birth. The bells, in addition to announcing the time, call people to gather for a certain event. They are usually used as decorations on Christmas trees.


The angel Gabriel was responsible for announcing to Mary that she would give birth to the baby Jesus, and to symbolize this event, it is normal for little angels to appear in Christmas decorations.


Formerly, in Christmas decorations, fruits from trees were used as decoration, which were then eaten by children. Christmas balls are a representation of this ancient custom. They are put on Christmas trees, having different colors and sizes.


Wreaths are an ancient Roman custom. They are placed on the front doors of the house, symbolizing welcome for those who will visit the house.


The famous Christmas tree is a tradition from the 17th century (17th) in Germany, which then spread throughout the world and is a tradition to this day. All the ornaments that symbolize Christmas are placed in it.

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