How to organize your kitchen the right way

When organizing your home, some tips are necessary to do it efficiently. I bring here some of these tips you need to know to keep your kitchen tidy and always organized and clean.


  1. Count on the help of organizers to gain more space inside the kitchen cabinet.
  2. These products are great for keeping the environment clean and making everything more practical.
  3. Keep the pots inside each other and the lids on the sides.
  4. This makes it easy to find and use the facilities.
  5. Throw away old pots and pans without lids can become drawer organizers, how about that?
  6. Install a stainless steel rod or magnetic rod in a corner of the wall and hang larger cutlery (and knives).
  7. You gain more space in the drawers, not to mention the charm of the kitchen. Don’t forget to put it under the sink.
  8. Contribute organizers for sponges, detergents and other utensils.
  9. If you don’t have one, put the lidless jars in a drawer (or cupboard) for easy access.
  10. A tidy kitchen is no use for a counter full of things.
  11. Leave only the things you use most often on the counter, store the rest elsewhere.


  • Store open foods in an airtight container. These pots keep food fresh for longer and make the pantry much more practical, I love it! Put a label on the bottom of the jars with the expiration date of each food;
  • If you’re short on space in your pantry, be sure to try cables that fit on shelves. You enjoy more comfort and everything is always at hand;
  • Store some foods in baskets (salty, sweet, pasta, canned food). The baskets make it easy to organize and make it easier to clean the shelves;
  • Store products next to each other to take up more space;
  • If possible, check the expiry date of food. Place the oldest foods in the front and the newest ones in the back.


  • Separate products by categories: household cleaning and laundry. Stack products in baskets to keep the environment organized and make it easier to find any product.
  • Install the hooks on the wall (or behind the door) on the brush and the holder on the ironing board.
  • A basket with suction cups is perfect for organizing some dishes next to the tank.
  • My laundry room can’t run out of laundry baskets.
  • They are a sacred aid to keeping the laundry in order and washing and ironing clothes, breaking branch.

Did you like the tips? Hope so. Now arrange your kitchen the right way. For more organization and decoration tips and ideas visit our vlog and check it out.


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