Traditional Knitting Regatta with Verano Thread – Recipe

What it i need?

  • 5 skeins of Verano Elastic Thread – in Color: 6112 (Marsala);
  • 3.5mm Circle Needle – For knitting;
  • Circle Needle 2.5 mm – For crochet;
  • Circle Needle – For upholstery;
  • Vegetal paper;
  • Pencil;
  • Measuring tape;

Sample: Knit a 10cm square in stocking stitch (diagram 2) on 3.5mm knitting needle = 26 stitches x 38 rows.

Piece Size: 38

Way of doing

Transfer the templates to tracing paper and use them as a reference to make the piece. Analyze the arrows in the measurement scheme that indicate the direction of work.

Back: Using Vera No yarn in Marsala cast on 90 stitches on 3.5 mm knitting needle, start working the piece from the bottom in knitting cords following diagram 1 and repeat stitches by (1, 5cm). Continue the piece in stocking stitch following diagram 2 and the repeat stitches. When 15.5 cm long from the beginning, decrease on each side every 10 rows. Make 1 point(3 v.), total of 84 points.

At 27.5 centimeters in length from the beginning, increase on each side every 10 rows 1 pin (3 v.), total of 90 stitches. At 32.5 centimeters in length, start the armholes and finish on each side every 2 rows 5 stitches (1 v.), 4 stitches (1 v.), 3 stitches (1 v.), 2 stitches (1 v. ) and 1 point (1 v.), total of 60 points.

At 43.5 cm in length start the neckline, finish off the 18 central stitches and knit over the 21 stitches on each side separately, decrease on the side of the neckline every 2nd row 3 stitches (1 v.), 2 stitches (1 v. .) and 1 point (1 v.). At 48.5 centimeters in length from the beginning, finish off the 15 stitches on each shoulder and reserve the piece.

Front: the same way as the back.

Assembly and finishing: Using a tapestry needle and Verano thread in Marsala, join the shoulders (7 cm) and the sides (32.5 cm).

Crochet finishing beak: Use the 2.5mm crochet hook and Verano yarn in Marsala and work around the neckline and armholes in crab stitch.

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