Trends for 2023 in your home decor

2023 is right around the corner, and for you to arrive in style, we’ve brought here the trends for your home to enter the new year in style. Check out:

Neutral colors

The colors are what brings the feeling of the environment, they pass the sensations of the environment. The ones that will be on the rise in 2023 are those of warmth, welcome, and comfort, therefore, the lighter colors, the so-called neutral ones, and also the natural ones will be the most chosen to compose the decor.

A good tip is to take advantage of the colors of wooden furniture to integrate the decor. Light and neutral colors such as off white, grey, beige and colors with warmer tones that bring a cozy feeling such as terracotta can be freely inserted into the decor.

Mix of textures

Textures can bring more personality to the decoration of the environment, and next year they will be on the rise. Not focusing only on coatings is a very good tip for mixing textures. Also invest in furniture and decorative objects that will help bring this trend to life in 2023.

Decoration with stones

Stones are also the decoration trends for the year 2023. They can be used in garden decorations and also as coverings on walls or floors. Stones are a versatile form of decoration that easily fits in spaces with decorations with rustic tones and in more sophisticated environments.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting used correctly can help make the space more cozy and comfortable. To use natural lighting, invest in large doors and windows, or make use of skylights and integrated spaces with a balcony, making the lighting enter better into the place.

Nature inside the home

Using nature as decoration is always in vogue. Flowers and plants create a more welcoming and airy space. To decorate with natural items, invest in potted plants and flowers, you can even set up a vertical garden to make your home even more beautiful.

Rounded furniture

Furniture with a rounded shape can be used in various types of environments, such as curved sofas in living rooms, a round bedside table in the bedroom or beautiful curved kitchen islands.

Did you like the tips? Now you can enter 2023 in style. For more decorating tips check out our website.


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