Decoration to get you in the mood for Christmas

Receiving the guests

The Christmas tree and blinkers are the main Christmas decorations. With each passing year, the decoration options to put your home in the Christmas mood are greater. Before you start decorating, you must plan the decoration items, and we will help you with that. Check out:

Christmas wreaths and wreaths

Upon arrival, the first Christmas decoration your guests will see is the wreath. You can choose between leaving it outside or inside the house, but the common thing is to place it on the doorstep.

Bring the light to Christmas decoration!

The twinkle lights are one of the most used decorations, making the place more cheerful and illuminated, becoming indispensable in your Christmas decoration. You can find traditional blinkers, the network of blinkers and in the form of a waterfall.

Christmas tree

You can choose from several models of Christmas trees, from the most traditional ones, such as pine trees, to one that best represents you and your taste. After choosing the tree comes the next step, which is to decorate the tree. To decorate you don’t need as much stuff as in the movies, some simple items help, see:

  • Ribbons: You can choose the style you want, some of them are rustic, bright, golden, among many others. The important thing is that it matches the Christmas decor;
  • Polka dots: In the old days, fruits were placed on Christmas trees to symbolize values ​​such as hope, love and joy. Today, instead of fruits, we have several balls of different colors and styles to decorate Christmas trees;
  • Crib: In many families it is customary to use a crib at the base of the tree. This item is as a symbol of the birth of Jesus Christ, which is the true celebration of Christmas;
  • Star: The star of the Christmas tree is of great importance, as it symbolizes the star of Bethlehem, which guided the three wise men to Jesus’ manger. She is placed at the top of the tree, being the most flashy ornament on the tree. A wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors of stars are found on the market, and you can even make your own;
  • Other decorations: Polka dots and ribbons are very common in Christmas decorations, but there are other popular decorations that you can also put on your tree, such as: bells, pine cones, dolls, candy canes, gift boxes, angels and snowflakes. snow.

Did you like the tips? I’m sure your Christmas decorations will look great. For more tips check out our website.


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